“Die Selbstmord-Schwestern” / “The Virgin Suicides” by Susanne Kennedy (Wiener Festwochen)

What a pretentious …! Visually effective enough (the stage is a colourful altar with multiple screens, the actors' faces are covered with a mask and there's also an avatar-guru making an appearance) but intellectually (and emotionally) “Die Selbstmord-Schwestern” has no affect whatsoever. It's like a violent and thus superficial mixture of cultures that piles up artefacts based mainly on their outer attractiveness. Also, the link to the generation of youtubers as the sisters of virgin suicides of today is just so obvious and lacking any will to even try to understand this culture. If this was meant to be as sort of a trip of a (religious) cult, then this member of the congregation was not buying it.


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