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“Crowd” by Gisèle Vienne (Wiener Festwochen)

Everyone's here, walking in in slow-motion. The ultimate party girl, the colour of her hoody matching the one of the drink-can she's holding. The I don't care how I look (Can't you see? Why can't you see!?) guy. The merry group of friends on a night out. The bully and the shy (gay) guy. The hipster-skinhead (with well attended hair, of course). The others. “Crowd” is a deconstruction of a party and although no words are heard, there's plenty of dialogue going on between the characters – mostly visible through their actions but also silently uttered. And the music! It's 100 minutes of pure electronic pleasure (tracks are mostly from the 1990's and many of them by Underground Resistance). What Gisèle Vienne does, however, is not letting the music set the rhythm of the performance, using slow-motion and move and freeze choreography throughout, thus showing the insane amount of events that occur during a moment, a move. Although the lighting and positioning…

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