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“Macaquinhos” (Kunstenfestivaldesarts)

What a bad-ass performance (pun intended) … but not for the reasons planned. There's nothing provocative or political about “Macaquinhos”, it's just a ritual driven by primal curiosity towards the other members of your species. Most animals sniff butts, children sometimes too. Adults not so much though, so one can see “Macaquinhos” as a provocation (free the butt from being a taboo!) but it's much more interesting to also allow your curiosity guide you as an audience. If there's a circle of naked bodies, everyone looking and touching the ass of the one in front of them, evolving next to and even on you, don't be shy and look at what is shown, presented even. Keeping your distance is an enemy of the curiosity. Eventually, when the circle is formed and re-formed, “Macaquinhos” looses its charm (unless you're stuck in the middle of the next circle) since you're stripped off of the first row position as an onlooker and even ass isn't that interesting from a…

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